Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Christmas Weekend

We had such a lovely and pleasant Christmas weekend.
The SB had her birthday party on Friday, Saturday we had that wonderful brunch with Marsha and Elaine, grocery shopped, made yummy soup, Sunday we did church and went to Drippin' for a dedication of a bench in my late nephew's honor at the Episcopal church. THAT was sweet. I got a few shots of the bench, and a sweet photo of my brother and me.

(You like the tree growing out of my head? Those are my reindeer antlers. For the winter solstice I change genders and morph into Cernunnos the Celtic Stag God. )
But I digress...

Here's an inscription on the bench, which is perfect for my nephew, who was a diver.

On Monday, which was SB's birthday proper, we went to church, and dinner, and on Monday got up for a leisurely Christmas day... The Sexy Beast got a wonderful shot of Zeta with that ridiculous jester collar!!!

and I got a wonderful shot of Zeta and the SB

The boys are just plain grown up big now, here with the SB ...

It was all very nice.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sexy Beast's Birthday Party

We had a GREAT time last night at The Armadillo Christmas Bazaar celebrating SB's birthday and listening to the phenomenal Ruthie Foster.

Thanks to all who joined us, and those that we ran into who we knew. The world seemed really small last night.

Note the Beer Princess t-shirt.

Here she is, sporting a fantastic smile, new braces shining.

Today we slept in, had breakfast at Cafe Java, and had a chance to hang out with Elaine and Marsha, who looks great no matter what her mood or physical condition. This makes her a diva in our book. It was SOOOOoooOOOO good to see her!

Then off we went to "Thuh" new "ACH-e-b" -- see previous post about pronunciation of "The HEB"... and shopped in relative peace. This, thanks to a new HEB between the other two we usually frequent. They're everywhere, those HEB's.

...and so, apparently, are we.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Photos...

Recently found these.

This is from Arcadia, the last role I played, which, gulp, was five years ago. I've been busy directing. I'll have to act again soon. I played Lady Croom (note the big ass bun on my li'l blonde head) Funny, the Beast Boy Two played Gus in a production of this last year. Gus is Lady Croom's son. Go figure.

Here's me, playing Lorraine Sheldon in The Man Who Came To Dinner in 2001. It's an odd role to be a favorite, having played Kate in Taming Of The Shrew and Titania in Midsummer, and a couple of other leads that should top the list. No. Scenery chewing, washed up ingenue Lorraine is still my favorite.

Photo Time

Yeah, I promised some photos from the Cruise a long time ago.

Ok, here are some more.

Here's the Sexy Beast preparing for a safety drill. Wow. I LOVE this woman.
She is getting braces tomorrow. Not that she needs them.
Below that, she is enjoying a cigar in the no smoking section.

Here we are with our shipboard waiter Cirilo, and below, some guy working in a great little restaurant in Cozumel who gave the Sexy Beast a massage for a few bucks. Me, I just tried to balance on those saddles they called barstools. By the way, that smile I'm smiling in the photo with Cirilo? It's the same smile in the photo I have of myself at six months old.

Shipping Panic


Ya know, I'm having a panic like moment. I can't do a thing about it, it's beyond my control (sorta) and I am gonna probably just have to sit and wait. At least two of the several Christmas gifts I intend to give are in UPS transit, right now, and should have, by my accounts, shipped WAY sooner than they have. So I'm not really surprised, but I am sorta wondering, what all those extra holiday workers are doing? They musta not been packing my shipments??? Those extra elves musta not been making my toys???

If I don't get what I need by Friday, I'll be sitting on the warehouse stoop at my office on Monday, forlornly waiting for the UPS truck that won't come, because they've been notified that we're closed.

And there's one I paid for on two day that I haven't gotten shipment notification on yet either.

ACK! Just the thought of tomorrow actually being the 20th sets my heart aflutter -- and not in so gooda way.

This is really a performance issue. I gotta perform at least a little in the gift giving department right? I so don't want to disappoint anyone! I will be wrapping pictures of the freekin' presents I bought.

And... we'll see if the Sexy Beast reads my blog. Let's see if she mentions this.

SHEESH. If my own Sexy Beast doesn't read my blog AND my packages don't arrive on time, I might wonder if I should have some self-esteem issues.

Nah... I don't really have self-esteem issues. Not high ones anyway. LOL.

OMG. Those packages HAVE to get here. God loves me. So, er... they will. Now, whether I will be in the right place at the right time, is another story.

Ok, ok... so I'll tell the family it's Channukah and this year we're celebrating the rededication of the altar for eight days. Yeah. That.

Boy am I glad there's not one of those current mood icons on Blogger.

Current mood: Panicked. (Or, maybe it's just all the holiday sugar)

You know that scene in The Big Chill where Glenn Close's character has done a little cocaine and she can't sleep and she's goin' on and on and on...

Yeah... that.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Five Women Wearing The Same Dress

NxNW's next show is Five Women Wearing The Same Dress.

We still need a space to perform. And soon!

I did some publicity photos last week.

I'm excited about this show!

Does this post read like a Dick and Jane book?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Treats

I started this blog specifically because I had just about had it with Christmas yard art.

AND! For about as long as I've lived where I live, my neighbors put out the classic plastic Jesus, Mary and Joseph. And every other time I pass it, one of them has "fallen and can't get up."

I finally got a photo of it, if a crappy one. I'll snap a better photo later.

Use the comment section for your caption.

Mine reads, "Please God, get my husband up off his drunk ass to help me raise the Son of Man. There's no way I can do this alone."

What's yours?

Monday, December 03, 2007


Marsha called me a lazy blogger again.

Yeah, well...

Mostly, I've been busy. Also, for several months there's been lots of change happening, not just for me, but for so many of my friends. Sometimes change makes me quiet and consumes me.

I was reminded yesterday of an Emmett Fox quote on love, which I had transferred from planner to planner since I was 21 years old up until the time I went from planner to PDA. And no Renee, that's not a public display of affection. I realized yesterday that I had taken this quote on almost like a mantra for my own life. And I really have. I strive to reach toward a sufficient realization of love, and it's never failed to heal every single situation that I've held up to it's light. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been codependent about it. Also, I realize I haven't (yet) held every single troubling situation in my life up to the standards of the quote, but for every one I that I have, it never fails to heal.

Anyway, the quote from Fox:

Love Will Conquer

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
no disease that enough love will not heal;
no door that enough love will not open;
no gulf that enough love will not bridge;
no wall that enough love will not throw down;
no sin that enough love will not redeem . . .

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;
how hopeless the outlook;
how muddled the tangle;
how great the mistake.
A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.
If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.

There's something I don't do anymore, jot down quotes to view every day, in a planner. I am relatively new where I work, so I haven't "moved in" and revealed too much of my personality by covering my cubicle in quotes and photos and postcards in the same fashion as my refrigerator. In my world, the refrigerator and cubicle are the adult equivalent of the teenager's bedroom wall.

And this quote also reminds me of Marsha, who posted yesterday about being angry about her lymphoma. Marsha has a healthy respect and love for herself, so where was the room in the process of recovery for anything but healing and love until now -- when anger has time to visit?

I may resolve next year to bring back the quotes. And devise a way to remember everyone's birthday, and to prioritize my time so that I spend more time being with people than doing things.

That would include more photography I think. It's a beautiful way to be with people, to hang around, talk, create a comfortable space for someone, and illuminate them. I like it. Recently, I did these people:

Ok... I am going to bed. G'night.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh yeah...

I'll forgive last season, but only for oil wrestling... sheesh...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anniversary Trip

The Sexy Beast and I had a blissful, wonderful, joyous time celebrating our tenth anniversary on a cruise to Cozumel. I'd so go again, and for even lesser reasons! Like oh, to celebrate a long weekend, or because it was Tuesday, or I bought a new pair of shoes...

First let me just say, as most people can testify, the water is very different. Interesting that you shouldn't drink the water in Mexico, but it looks like this:

And here in Texas, you can drink the water, but it looks like this:

What's with that?

Another thing about these cruises. You can wear yourself out -- easily, so you should pace yourself. We have no idea who this is, hanging out, passed out in the Grand Atrium at the bar, pajamas and all, waiting for her debarkation number to be called. Maybe she was one of those suckahs who packed everything the night before and had her steward take the luggage out the night before without setting something out to wear? You know she's not the first. No matter. I hope she has a great story to tell.

By the way, the photos on this trip are taken mostly by the Sexy Beast, who received a new li'l camera from moi prior to the trip. I was too cautious to take mine, as I use it for financial gain. She set up some glorious shots of her own!

Yeah, that's right... this is the opposite side of the island where they film those Corona commercials. Honest.

We didn't go to the other side -- we swam with the dolphins and shopped instead. Next time... the beach on the other side of the island.

Tomorrow, more details on our trip -- and maybe even, dolphin photos...

Do I really have to go back to work?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Anniversary trip

Sexy Beast, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cozumel.

I might post pictures, and have something to blog about when I get home.

Bon Voyage, and... sorry about not blogging more frequently. I've been busy, so sue me!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Score for Gore

He didn't win the election. (Exciting reading at this link, I tell ya...)

He won the Nobel Peace prize instead.

Score for Gore

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Building The Set

NxNW Theatre is beginning and completing our first set for our first show this weekend.

Julie Holden
, theatre reviewer for the Austinist, took some shots of the work everyone did today. There are a lot of the baby Johanna, but we're glad to have Johanna with us. And Julie's her mother... so... there you have it.

Everyone involved is poooped, as is anyone who pulls more than their fair share of weight for a production, while starting a new theatre at the same time. I couldn't be more grateful for the work they've done.

Mary Ellen Butler, Artistic Director of the Palace Theatre in Georgetown, loaned us a truck load of furniture and lumber. A HUGE truck. She's devoted her life to this theatre thing and even sent an email to her patrons and volunteers inviting them to support us. She's an amazing ball of nonstop energy.

Today I thought of all the people I should have asked to advertise in the program. I wonder if Amie, our brilliant marketer, can do it this late in the process? I know tons of people who would probably say yes to the advertising. What was I thinking?

Come see the show!

Make your reservations at

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Perhaps you want a humping dog USB or something equally as clever for your desk?

Maybe some Dr. Pepper Beef Jerky?

Ok, I don’t have time to explain the total randomness of this blog and how it came about.

It does however, give me a grand idea for a new blog:

Shit That Is So Weird That Even The People Who Have All The Weird Ass Shit They Could Ask For Don't Have.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Not Your Average Conservative Politician

Gabrielle Pauli


Whaddya think of THAT?

Matthew Shepard Act

The Matthew Shepard Act passed the Senate.

If you don't know about Matthew Shepard and the fallout of his murder -- The Laramie Project is running in Austin right this minute.

Ted introduced this one. Yay Ted!!!

Nice start. "Nuff said. For now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

General Groovy News

Whee! We have secured a space for NxNW Theatre's first production. Did I think we'd ever get here? Yes. But sometimes no. But here we are!

Come see the show.

I'll shout:


Learn more about what show to come see here.

If I wasn't so tired from being up so late last night, I'd be way more thrilled. But as for this very moment, I'm thrilled to have stayed out so late! ;-)



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reverence, Irreverence, Faith and Annie

I'm a chaplain -- a prayer chaplain see, and, there's another chaplain (actually there's lots of prayer chaplains but I'm speaking about one in particular) -- she gets to pray about whether or not her group gets to do a second number at The Road To Austin Concert -- she gets stuff like that. Kris Kristofferson decides he should move over for them and the freekin' mayor lifts the curfew so everyone can sing. That's the kind of praying she gets to do.

Me? I get the opportunity to pray over the souls who do funky stuff, like... I dunno, drown. I prayed over the guy who drowned at the lake last month. Not like, RIGHT over him, but a small distance from the search and rescue team. I was thinking to myself on the upper deck of that boat I was on with a group at church... as soon as The Sexy Beast came up to get me, that I was being summoned to pray over this situation that we knew wasn't good news. Now... how is it some folks get the entertainment praying and I get the accidental death praying? Is this like law school? Like I get personal injury and someone else specializes in corporate? What IS that?

I'm just kidding. It's because I'm not so reverent a chaplain. I'm one of the irreverent ones.

One of the dearest and reverent of our chaplains, Annie, recently made her transition, as we say in our faith. I love that phrase so much more than any other for “died.” I won’t go into it here because that’s not what this post is about but to me, “made her transition” is the most accurate, other than “died.” I mean, passed away doesn’t really do it. “We lost her,” is totally inaccurate.

Anyway… she made her transition. She’s been conquering cancer that has been in remission for many years, and this one was quick and she asked us to stop praying for her healing and to pray for her wholeness. That has a totally different meaning.

I visited with her two days before she died. She was in hospice – and was on as much methadone and morphine as is allowable. Still, when her husband uttered my name she looked up, smiled, waved, and zonked right out again. I understand. I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict. It was probably NiiIIIIiiiiIIIice where she was – particularly in comparison to what kind of pain her husband described she was experiencing when she wasn’t on drugs.

I prayed with her anyway, of course. For her wholeness, our connection, her connection, the powerful soul she is and the strong difference she makes and presence she is. For her comfort. For the highest and best vision of her wholeness. It was an extraordinary experience to simply touch her. To be in this presence so peaceful and centered and solid and so between the two worlds was amazing. I didn't want to leave, I felt a little like a thief, staying there, in her presence, just to be a part of that amazing energy.

I was asked to read some letters and poems for her memorial service.

I couldn't be more honored. I can only hope, while everyone else felt I had done a great job of sharing the notes from friends and colleagues, that I did right by Annie. That's most important.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lazy Blogger II

And thanks for coming over and celebrating my birthday with me everyone.

Especially Jennie -- for whom I will personally blog more often.


Lazy Blogger

We had friends over last night for my birthday and I was told I was a lazy blogger. I had no idea anyone besides the Sexy Beast read the thing... well, and Marsha and Ronni.

And sometimes Julie.

And. Nah.

Ok, yeah, I'm busy not lazy... I'm picking up some extra gigs as a photographer -- which I credit Marsha for...

In fact, I hadda get my old ass out of bed to start a shoot at 6:30 Saturday morning and did that until 12:40, and then I had my hair colored and got a groovy blessing of $25 off -- because it was my birthday and my hairdresser just wanted to give me the gift, and then I came home and got ready for a birthday party wherein I was called a lazy blogger. :-P

Oh, it doesn't matter.

Marsha looks GREAT.

And I had a great time at the shoot, with my new lights I got for my birthday, and again, I credit Marsha, who looks GREAT.

And I hope David enjoyed the cake.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little something about Zeta... it's been so long!

I haven't mentioned Zeta in awhile.

She's grown into a beautiful teen with few adolescent issues.

In fact, tonight I was killing a wasp hanging out on the door leading to the patio in my bedroom. She stayed right where I told her to whilst all the distractions of my frenetic swatting occurred right in front of her... and she didn't move, even as I scooted the dead thing out the open door. She was terrific. I knew she was trained but this was a situation when I needed to really count on her.

I see the value of training -- otherwise one or both of us could have been stung!

Yay Zeta! I am so proud of both of us!

Interview Questions

Marsha sent me these interview questions quite some time ago. Life got away from us, so to speak. I have finally done them.

1. What was the first show you ever directed? Would you like a do-over or are you happy with how it went and what it taught you?

I count Agnes of God as the first show I directed. I did scene work and short plays throughout my education and the Directors Workshop at Sam Bass Theatre in Round Rock -- so erm... officially, I did Agnes of God. It was amazing. It taught me the most important thing about directing: Choices. Make only those choices that you can back up with logical evidence that is clear to an audience. I also, for lack of a better way of putting it, experienced the show romantically. I was deeply in love with what I was doing, in love with the cast, in love with the work, the script, the characters. I was very fortunate in that respect. That's not the case in every show, as we all know. Good thing new works keep rolling off playwrights pens, or the list of plays that I would love to direct would be awfully short. That, along with Artistic Directors who will actually work to marry you with a show you love is helpful, though rare.
2. You have been into directing these last few years. But I know you are an actor first. What role you would most like to play in what show?

Role? Not roles? Pssst... a secret... I've only just tapped into singing and am now getting secure enough to feel I won't scare off anyone if I sing in at least the chorus. I fantasize about doing a musical
( I have recently learned I am a soprano whilst all these years I thought I was an alto!) As I evolve, maybe I could play an adequate Mona in Best Little Whorehouse. That would be a grand fantasy! Then there's a fantasy of playing Rose in Gypsy or at this point being in any musical at all. But let's discuss the non-musical: Sabina in Skin of Our Teeth -- but no one will produce that behemoth -- it's so long. I could cut it! And I could look ten years younger too. ;-) I'd like take a shot at Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf in a few years and if he ever finishes his stage adaptation of it, I'd do Aurora Greenway in Larry McMurtry's Terms of Endearment, eventually. Finally, I would love the opportunity to reprise my role as Lorraine Sheldon in The Man Who Came To Dinner (without 9/11 dust all over it this time!) I LOVE it when the integrity of the character actually REQUIRES me to chew the scenery in a role.
3. What is one thing about being a step-mom that took you by surprise?

This week?

One thing? ONE thing? Ok, I'll give you the top two:

1) How I knew it would be harder than I thought and it was harder than I thought than I thought that I thought!

2) Nurture is as valid as nature. We think I may have actually birthed GMan P and erased it from memory, as his personality, sense of humor, and temperment resembles mine so much more closely than his own parents.
4. Tell me about your favorite book or author. Fiction or non-fiction, but not a play.

Gone With The Wind
-- don't laugh! (Also, The Stand and Mysts of Avalon) My grandmother instilled in me a love for that grand story -- and it remains with me to this day. If you haven't read it you really should. It was indeed the grandmother of romance novels, but remember, it did win a Pulitzer prize for literature -- it is an epic story, not just a romance. It broke my heart. I stayed up night after night at my grandparents in my 13th summer reading the book and I remember weeping as if in personal grief. It's a lot more powerful and grand in scope than the movie, and is about survival and the courage of a woman. The film did more romanticizing of the whole thing. AND! It has sold more copies worldwide than any other book except the Bible. Don't knock it until you try it.
5. If you were in a band, what kind of music would you play and what would your role be?

Ack! Lawdie, I dunno. Er... boring, but... I'd play brass (and I love the french horn) in a big band and make some money working in the pit for musicals.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Steel Magnolias

Yesterday the SB and I planted a magnolia tree. So... I've been pining (no pun intended) for a magnolia tree for my yard for several years, first for several Mother's Days past as a gift to one another, then, as a Memorial for my mother. Wouldn't you know, it would occur in the most unceremonious possible way.

"Hey! These 5 gallon Southern Magnolia trees are only twenty bucks," I said.

"Ok, let's get it. Grab it, let's go," SB replied, as she was at the register already, paying for the eight bags of red mulch some of which she insisted putting around the tree prior to my snapping a pic. So insistent was she, that she rose from a nap and put her clothes on to ensure her magnolia was adorned properly, and, er... her gnome was positioned properly.

We do not have a pool in which the magnolia blossoms can float, but our neighbors do. We're saving that for the next house. Unlike in the production of Steel Magnolias, there will be no question as to whose side of the fence this tree lives.

BTW, we also bought this plant.

In other Magnolia news, here's the full cast of Steel Magnolias. In this photo Shelby is portrayed by the brilliant Nikki Zook.

I would imagine this production as being a powerful one for any cast that performs it, if, imho, they've done it right. With this production we had our own plot that was similar to the plot within the show down to Marsha, who originated the role of Shelby, being the one who got sick! A friend who played Ouiser in another recent production said a similar circumstance had occurred during the run of the production she did. I'd say Steel Magnolias, based on certain circumstances, holds potential to be the modern day "Scottish play," but I can't -- because in the face of said circumstances, we all had a ball, and came to deeply cherish the experience and one another.

This is NOT commonplace in the realm of theatre, but in my estimation as a director of this particular show -- chemistry offstage should be as much a requirement as onstage. I'm not talking like everyone should hang out together, but that the cast for this show should be the kind of women who have a high regard for one another, their work, and the good of the play.

I couldn't have asked for a better cast. Or a better review, except that the review outright swore the actress playing Truvy was channeling Dolly Parton and she was in no way shape or form doing such a thing! We received the reviewers highest praise and rating, broke the record for highest attended non-musical for the Georgetown Palace, and the cast had a wonderful experience. Couldn't ask for better.

And so... now I proceed again with NxNW Theatre and it's first production: The Nerd.

Oh, and maybe get a job or something. Seriously, I might take up photography occupationally -- it's become a great financial supplement. Let me know if you want me to do some photos for you. ;-)

Monday, July 30, 2007


I appreciate the Sexy Beast today.

I am in one of those fatigued and, oh, I'll admit it, cynical, moods. She's been my positive outlook lately.

I stand on a sort of precipice and I am well... frankly bored and burnt out on this sort of white bread world of manufacturing where I have gotten most of my work experience. It is sometimes so lacking in heart that I can barely stand it. Don't get me wrong. I am grateful for those who buy things that go on the assembly of an ATM so that I can have cash on the weekends but damn it all -- I don't want that person to be me if it involves... dare I say it... dull people or a reckless need to simply produce results. Blech.

Don't get me wrong, not all companies who make and build things are boring, nor are all the people who work there. I've come across several where the people are more than interesting enough!

Nevertheless, I stand with my feet in both the creative and "corporate" worlds. The Sexy Beast described me yesterday (and I paraphrase) as someone who brings a creative and artistic personality to play to the work force and that that is my true contribution. Some such thing like that. And I realized I am not really a buyer, or purchaser at all. I realized that I'd be fine with doing that, sure... but... the more I interview in the field, the more I feel like everyone is more interested in results than authenticity and I just can't produce results unless I'm being authentic. And to be entirely authentic, I don't know that I care to produce results for the company that funds the war, aerospace engineering, half the world's banks, etc...

I am facing it. I am a people based person, much more well versed in the ability of being authentic than I am in producing results in an industry where it's impossible to be authentic unless you are into producing results instead of making people happy. I don't mean this in a codependent way. I just have a hard time getting into having been a part of a team that "streamlined logistics processing 30%" or "improved efficiency by 60%." What does that really mean in the grand scheme of things and for whom does it make a difference.

I really do admire in this sort of alien way, the people who can do both, but it's growing harder and harder for me to do both myself. I suppose because I am growing more and more into this driving need to be authentic.

So I'm wrestling with this one. How does authenticity produce results? How does my particular authenticity produce results? Why do I separate the two when it comes to creating financial and career success? What is it I truly should be doing to marry the two?

The Sexy Beast says I'm an Artist. She's right. I'm an artist. But I'm even more interested in being authentic.

And there's still this office supply sales thing. Intriguing.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bald Headedness For Marsha

I told Marsha I'd make a list on being bald -- just a list of things... she's pissed about losing her hair because of chemo. I'm not so grand as to say I wouldn't be pissed too!

This one's for Marsha.

Let's see:

You can be a Conehead for Halloween.

You can play The King of Siam in the all female version of "The King And I at Vassar" -- if you went to Vassar.

You can get together with another bald headed person and make an appearance -- and the radiologist, who doesn't know your ass from your head, won't know the difference. (Really, if you're going to mess with someone's ass for any length of time, I'd think you'd at least introduce yourself.)

You can claim a legitimate reason for your pate, unlike Britney.

It's manly. Wait... wrong gender... or... erm... sexual orientation, too.

You can tell everyone that you really WILL lose your hair if you do It too much.

If bald men make better lovers...

I saw something on a website when researching this list about men who have no testicles never go bald. What if a man has only one testicle? Wonder why the same wouldn't stand to reason in women?

Anyway -- I'm sorry Marsha, that you're gonna lose your hair. Thank GOODNESS it won't grow back on your palms.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Divine Order

I suppose titling this post "Divine Order" is appropriate. I've been so busy I have no way to put things in order so I suppose the Divine will have to do it for me.

I haven't blogged since I lost my job. First things first: How did I EVER manage to put 40 hours of work in and do everything else I've been doing? OMIGOSH.

So what's been happenin'?

I should just make a list:
1. Lost my job, don't care to find it again.

2. Beast Boy 1 returned home for a brief stay.

3. Unity Church of The Hills needed a publicity person to manage some vast amounts of collateral and bestowed upon me "Volunteer of The Month" -- I think it is a ploy to keep me at the desk doing all those documents ;-)

4. Steel Magnolias rehearsals and production started. THIS was a lot more work than anticipated -- but I'm not complaining. Directing theatre is a true pleasure but when you have to do some of the producing, too it's like walking through wet tar. In the case of this production, it was like walking through tar that had dried while I was walking through it. Mercury went retrograde through the rehearsal process -- and as most of my friends know by now, my lead and friend the AMAZING Marsha was diagnosed with lymphoma during the final week of rehearsals -- we added another week of rehearsal after opening for the FANTASTIC actress who is standing in for her. Here is the amazing Marsha in a publicity photo for Steel Magnolias. Yeah I took it. BTW, later, I will post the review -- which was also AMAZING. And the houses have been selling out!

I don't usually gripe about Mercury retrograde, and before you go calling me airy fairy, I don't let them bother me either -- they happen three times a year so it makes no matter to me if I'm rehearsing or not. Nonetheless, this one seemed to create a very real drag on the communication. Misunderstandings abounded.

5. Beast Boy 2 has been at TSU -- Theatre Camp. It's like he's in college already. I called the other day and he answered the phone, "May I help you?" and I said, "Is this Burger King?" We'll be catching his shows and picking him up this weekend.

Sexy Beast may have to pick him up alone. I have a hair appt. We can't miss those now can we?

So... back to this Divine Order thing. Seems interviews and calls from potential employers ceased for about two weeks. I think it's interesting that they started up again once we got Steel Magnolias propped up and ready to go. Next week I have an interview with Wincor-Nixdorf. Do I want to work for a company named Nixdorf? We'll see. I also have an opportunity to sell office supplies. Sexy Beast couldn't be more bored with such a thing. But me? I LOVE office supplies. I am a office supply geek. That's weird isn't it? Pens, especially. Groovy post-its. There's nothing like opening the office supply order when it arrives at the office!

6. Photography. Lots of it. Enough to supplement my income. I'd have thought admin work or something less creative would supplement my income (something to fall back on, as we used to say, back in the day) but as Divine Order would have it, everyone has wanted a photo! I have to thank Marsha for handling the headshot clinic I did for the Palace. I am so resistant to starting my own business in this way, but for Whatever Reason this photography thing has been the only thing that hasn't presented me with a number of annoying obstacles in the last few months. Should I take that as a Sign? Sheesh...

Here is an ad I did this week, just in case Divine would have it that I should proceed with this endeavor:
(btw, not one of these people has agreed to be used as a model, so if you know them, don't tell 'em... ok? LOL)

Wanna picture? I'll take yours. OMIGOSH -- what if I sold office supplies and took photos while I was at it?

7. NxNW Theatre -- we've compiled a realistic first season and found one or two -- not so particularly perfect but acceptable -- locations to perform. Now it's time to ask for money. Will you give us money? Say yes and go to the NxNW Theatre website. Click on the "donate now" button. It's easy. You may as well do it now and save me asking you later, because I will.

8. FINALLY! I have been enjoying a terrific week with the AMAZING Sexy Beast. How she does all the amazing things she does gets me... she is like the most superior buyer for Solectron, and she's singing with an acapella group at the moment and is about to sing with the "FUN Singers" at church again. She even outrageously suggested I join her for the FUN singers. I told her I'd do it if she'd do Gay/Lesbian salsa lessons with me. :-D. This is also a warning to anyone else singing with the FUN Singers.

The most AMAZING thing about the Sexy Beast, aside from her ability to disappear entirely from view in a 1/2 second when she is in a Target, and her... erm... well... I can't blog about that here -- is that, as mother of Beast Boy #1, she is able to function when being so challenged by his adventures.

I don't tell her enough that she is amazing. Oh wait. She has been pestering me to blog so now she knows. Whew.

Finally -- in case you were wondering:

Zeta is doing fine! Brilliant dog. You can tell from the photo. She is definitely wondering what that idiot is doing. The human one, not the canine.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I Was Tagged

Marsha tagged me. See the Marshalogues at right. Whee.

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. The biggest random fact about me is that I am a prayer chaplain and that I am sometimes embarrassed to share that with certain people. As chaplains we just "hold spiritual space," -- and pray with people. It is some of the most important work I do -- and it keeps me humble and honest. Nothing has changed my life so much for the better than being of service in this way... except...

2. I tithe 10% of my income -- that totally changed my life too. It's not bullshit. Pick a theatre, a church, a needy organization -- even Suze Orman agrees. It Works.

3. I tithe to Unity Church of the Hills, a church considered outside the "Christian" realm -- a pantheistic, perverted, cult. I feel proud. Join us next Sunday for worshipping and pagan animal sacrifices. LMAO. My devout Episcopalian grandmother subscribed to the Daily Word from the day I could remember being able to read -- which is published by Silent Unity -- the very same pagan, pantheistic church a branch of which I attend.

4. I miss my mother and grandmother. Not an interesting fact -- but a true one.

5. I am a native Austinite -- third generation.

6. Capt Krunch

7. I so want to be in a show again. I've been directing for the last four years and I haven't acted in a play in that long. Sigh...

And Marsha and Ronni have already tagged everyone I know who has a blog so there.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


We're off to see Beast Boy Two in Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. It's a theatre geek family for sure when TWO of the people in your family have been in two different productions. Good thing the Sexy Beast had a nap... Tom Stoppard is not her cup o' tea. And she's had to do TWO in the last week. No... wait, that was Peter Shaffer... ok... two British Playwrights -- and British is not exactly her cup of tea... though we caught a lovely and dashing production of Lettice and Loveage last week produced by Different Stages!

Here is a photo of the production of Arcadia in which I performed.

And a photo that I did for the poster of the one Beast Boy Two is doing. Although I can't recall if this is the one they used -- it gives it a Gothic Romance flavor -- which is totally not what you're seeing above is it? Sage green is, well, not a shade that falls within the romantic spectrum of my emotional color wheel.

Soon enough, I might have photos from his production. The set is gorg-a-mous.

Good Show!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Like You Haven't Heard This RIDICULOUS news already...

but the abortion bill passed in Texas just got even more creepy.

Pedantic paternal parenting should be outlawed EVERYWHERE -- the home, the office, the government.

Blech, blech, blech, blech, blech.

In Case You Were Wondering...

... the three of you who read this blog...

I'm not dead. I think I'm avoiding blogging because I've been doing a lot of "writing" lately -- I change my resume for every job for which I've applied in the last few weeks. And, believe it or not, I've been keeping busy as best I can! Wouldn't want to get rusty and lay around all day.

Now I think I'm blogging to avoid blocking Steel Magnolias. I'll do it. In an hour or so.

I feel the most boring blog entry coming along.

Oh alright. Here is Zeta. She practically owns the house now. The Sexy Beast and I can hardly stand how much we love this little dog!!!!

Here she is snoozing (she can sleep like this, or on her back stretched out or sideways and hardly anything will disturb her sleep even a photographer-- she gets that from her Sexy Beast Mom):

Alright! Now I have satisfied the Sexy Beast's desire for another photo of Zeta -- who, as you can see, is not quite black (Zeta, not the Sexy Beast) . As she has grown up, her beard is brown, and she has some salt and pepper on the back of her ears, and even more salt on the backs of her legs....zzzzzzzz ohmigoodness boring, boring, boring -- it's like we're parents of a toddler or something!

Ok, try this: my favorite new drink is Lime LaCroix but I have to have to almond stuffed green olives in it as a garnish. And they MUST be the HEB brand. We've started to call HEB, "THUH HEB" in my house because we have friends who are HEB careerists and they call it that -- and occassionally I go to Randall's and that makes me a Randallist. It's a thing in my house -- The Sexy Beast says "I'm going to THUH Heb... (note the emphasis on the "H" when I grew up emphasizing the "B")" Or, she'll say I'm going to Round Rock 4 or Round Rock 2 and I don't know what the f*ck that is! I just say... Ok, please get me some olives.

Go figure.

And THUH Heb version of LaCroix isn't so bad either!

I'm gonna do a "My HEB" commercial -- it'll be me sitting on the patio furniture shouting at people in the parking lot and not letting them in the store. "Nope! Sorry. This is MY HEB -- keep moving, that's right... try the 7-11."

How did this blog get to be about HEB?

OH... I'm sorry. THUH "H"EB.

Just for good measure, here is Zeta again -- looking like the cranky old man Schnauzers are accused of looking like! She needs a 'do -- we're taking her to get one tomorrow. After a 'do, she looks very distinguished -- I'll try to remember to post another photo. After she gets a hairdo, her eyebrows resemble Brook Shields even more than in the photo below.

Now. I'm out of La Croix so I'm going to run to Randall's and get some.

Yeah. You heard me.

Randall's # whatever.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Liz Clairborne No Iron Shirt

I don't think so.

I haven't had a shirt that gets so wrinkled since the button down Polo's I wore in the 80's.

How does this guy do it?

I'm just ...


Swift Boater Gets New Berth

Monday, April 02, 2007


I've not been out of work in probably twenty years. That changed last week.

This is my first real adventure as a person who is not employed by a company. The IRS tells me I am self employed and makes sure they get the benefit of it, so I can't really say I'm not employed. However, self-employment hasn't paid a majority of the bills. YET.

I am looking for new avenues of income that please me -- and the perfect way to create it.

Here are some things I've noticed today, that would please me about "work." Working at home would be kinda cool. Here's why:

1. A short commute. It took me 20 seconds to get to work today.
2. A pet friendly environment. My dogs came to work with me today.
3. I can control the temperature in my office to suit me.
4. The coffee is just the way I like it.
5. I can leave at any time to run personal errands.
6. Naps. This is negotiable.
7. My coworkers are like family.
8. There is time to strategize.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

NxNW Theatre's First Fundraiser!

Join us for our first fundraiser!

You won't be disappointed.

I'll link the banner as soon as our webmaster does his stuff, but for now... I just feel thrilled to have such a creative marketing director on my team who has put such an effort into the consistency our our look. She's wonderful, and the above is her creation.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hate Crimes Legislation

It's hard to not feel hate, anger or vengeance against such people as the man who attacked Andrew Anthos .

Instead, please simply urge your Congressman to pass a Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

I prefer a Honor All People Act but until then, a hate crimes prevention act will have to do.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's Me Again...

Oh alright it's been a long time -- you're right.

Here's why:

1. Big fat new job wherein I am just now getting over the 90 day learning curve. I was working a lot and made myself a little sick even -- I got a cold last week. It's been hectic since the infamous two day freeze that Gladys Hardy told Ellen about on Ellen's show.

2. Three really big events with NxNW Theatre. A fundraiser cabaret in April, another fundraiser in May, and a show in June. Wow!

3. We're now in a Law of Attraction Club, long a part of our thought processes - you've probably lately seen The Secret rise to the top of the NY Times Best Seller list,, and/or seen or heard about it being on Oprah. I've had the banner in my right hand corner up there for quite some time.

4. This weekend we got a new HDTV and home theatre system. These guys have gotten quite reasonable in price. The screen is BIG! OMG. That's not why I haven't blogged in awhile -- but it is the latest news. Oh... that and Zeta will be a year old next month and we've just got to have a party!

Mostly I've just been working! Blech. Now that I'm feeling more secure in my position, I can relax a little.

I got the HDTV system set up with a friend yesterday but have not mounted my speakers in the most opportune locations yet. No wise cracks.

Today the Sexy Beast is rehearsing for a murder mystery musical! I'm so glad she's out being creative -- as for me, today I will just relax in my living room and stare at the big screen.

Here's the TV!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Been Cold Here

The big news in my area is this insanely cold wet weather. In parts of the country where they are accustomed to it, they don't shut down the way we do. In Austin Texas, we just sit and wait it out. It only took one day for the nine trucks Austin had to use up all the supplies Austin possessed to de-ice the roads. So... all the flyovers closed last night -- Monday was a holiday for most and Tuesday we had school and business closures so I suppose two days of freezing rain is all the city plans for, as we are on day three. Rightly so, as that's the most we ever expect every ten years. The airport was packed and all the surrounding hotels. The people here from northern cities were practically appalled that we couldn't get them home. We're just not equipped for it -- not on the ground nor in the air.

Perhaps the funnest thing (aside from The Sexy Beast grilling today) was seeing the dorks who refused to move the Governor's Inauguaral Ceremony inside until the morning of the event. It really was a stitch to watch these guys, via KVUE news, blowtorch the steps of the Capitol Building, and later, pick up the thousands of COLD, METAL FOLDING CHAIRS they'd set out the day before and pound the inch thick ice off of them. I'll give Governor Big Hair this: If he hadn't gone on with the BBQ, the caterer wouldn't have had that extra 1000 meals to give away to the cold and hungry homeless. Yay!

Today the weather improved some -- a good thing... we've lost two and a half days of school and business here -- THREE and a half if you weren't off for MLK day on Monday. Nonetheless, as God would have it, we apparently required mandatory rest. I'm not complaining -- but my lips are chapped. I am quite excited to blog later about the story of the Sexy Beast choosing to whip the cover off the Weber Grill and make steaks on it. Too bad she doesn't own ice skates. And she keeps coming in and out of the house! Brrrrr. In the meantime, I'm going to trek up the tallest hill in the neighborhood to get the mail -- which actually came today! Stay tuned, because see,

Here's what it looks like around my house: