Tuesday, October 31, 2006



There have been 1069 views of my blog today.

The Sexy Beast will like that.

"69," said Fireberry, as she giggled like Butthead.

The Schnauze

Zeta posed yet again for a short series of photos last night. She is seven months old now, and with such a sharp coiffure, tends to look all grown up. Except that her hindquarters look like a monkey's ass. I'll save you the details -- I didn't take a shot of her behind.

Her new 'do is admittedly a little short. For two days she ran around the house rubbing up against the furniture and walking on her ass to save herself the itching.

The Sexy Beast has taught Zeta to sing! This may cause dismay in some, but the truth is -- if you train your puppy to growl or speak on cue -- it does NOT instill in them an urge to be noisy. On the contrary -- it does just the opposite.

In fact, if you have a noisy dog, teach your dog to speak and growl. Then, if you want them to be quiet, don't ever give them the cue to speak! Or, in the case of our labrador beast, who has a deafening bark and a habit of using it at the front window for almost every passerby, try a time out. I know! Sounds silly -- but it works. Just like kids. Dogs are social beasts so giving them a time out is a great way to break an unwanted habit like barking. We found that after a week of instructing Othello Beast to time out, he cut his barking at the window down to only a few times a week, instead of a few times nightly. We just tell him time out, leave him in the dark bathroom for 15-30 seconds and then let him out. The worst he does after a time out is growl really quietly at the window.

Zeta Beast has not learned to bark at the window. She jumps a mile high when Othello does it. It scares her.

Oh btw, our human baby beasts are doing well too.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Big Fat Republican Truck

Yesterday I took my car to the Mazda Dealership to have some work done under warranty. Warranties are a blessing. I got $750 worth of work, free! I like that -- but, wait... it wasn't exactly totally free. It cost me five dollars. Let me explain. They didn't have any loaners left, and they didn't have any cars left to rent at Advantage -- who the dealership uses.

Ok, I loved the idea of dropping off my car, getting in another one and zipping off to work. It was only slightly less difficult than that but I digress.

I get to Advantage Rent A Car -- they picked me up at the dealership. The fellow who helped me out was wonderful -- educated, handsome, well dressed.

All they have left is a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab. Sheesh! I felt guilty! How can people drive these things? I didn't dare park near anyone else for fear I'd mow them over as if I were in a Monster Truck Rally or something.

Sheesh! The door handles ran parallel with my boobs!

Of course I got used to it enough to feel a little beligerent when someone entered my lane in front of me but thank goodness that went away soon!

That's a big truck -- I think it gets 8 miles to the gallon. I travelled to work and back to the dealership and put two gallons or so in the thing to bring it up to full again. Cost me $5. That may sound ok but for only 20 miles of travel?

I'm so glad to have my car back.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First NxNW Event


We had our first event this Sunday, to introduce the NxNW Theatre Company to the public. Our guests were impressed by our gentle approach, as they were expecting a hard core sales pitch. This event wasn't for that. It was a get acquainted with NxNW event! They were impressed by the talent, the broad experience of the founders, the place we held the event, the food... etc...

Importantly, we even got some folks who wish to help us promote the theatre. A prospective board member, grant writer, commercial property investor...

We realized when we were done with the event that the results were so satisfactory we needed to move on our next steps much more quickly than we had originally anticipated! You know... I am surprised that I am surprised. We set our sights on big and good things and are now we are beginning to get them. In a good universe, and I like to see our universe as good, why would we expect anything less? It's a nice surprise, but still a surprise all the same!

Next, we plan for another event in November... and split off to begin planning for our first production. I'm tickled.

I also realized that the cast of On The Verge or The Geography of Yearning weren't the only ones yearning to remount the show -- they served as talent for the event on Sunday, and at least two folks lit up and happy recognition of the scene and the memory of this sweet, quirky, and lovely show. We also had the pleasure of fawning and drooling over Marc Pouhé -- whose work is known in such shows as Urinetown and Keepin' It Weird and The Exhonerated -- I didn't do him justice in his introduction as I wasn't specific in mentioning his numerous award nominations -- but he helped me. Perhaps his charm and good looks got the best of this happily attached lesbian. Still, I feel remiss.

On another note, I saw Anything Goes at The Palace in Georgetown this weekend and had a great time. My colleagues and friends Cliff (director) Dave (lead) Nikki and Barb (company members) were in the show. I say by jove, it was delicious fun and I'm proud of them -- it also sparked in me a renewed love for the show and a deeper appreciation for Cole Porter.

I'm so excited I want to see it done again. Maybe NxNW can make this an option.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Dog In Your Pants?

Kids will do anything.

Zeta Bear wound up in the leg of Beast Boy Two's pants last week.

And you thought teaching your dog to heel was difficult.