Saturday, January 26, 2008

These Shoes Rock!

These are the most fantastic shoes I've ever put on my feet. I bought a pair last weekend at Whole Earth Provisions. They're from the Earth Co.

If you check the website out, it'll say lots of things like how these shoes improve your posture, eliminate your back pain, strengthen your core muscles, dust your furniture... they do. Well... almost all of that.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Coolest Thing That Rocks This Week

...and last week too...

The Sexy Beast got me this and it came last Friday in the mail:

This lens in the Canon line is so absurdly cheap and amazingly effective that you have got to have it if you shoot with a Canon. It's a prime lens, and performs WAY, WAY better than you could possibly imagine for a lens that costs so little. It's fantastic for low light work, which I do a lot of -- and it's the perfect range for portraits, which I do a lot of, and it has great bokeh.

I haven't gotten to work with it a lot yet, but here's one shot -- the rest are in the gallery at Love and Light Images :

It'll be great for show shots and portraits. Whee!

Oh, and the only thing better: The Sexy Beast, to whom I am so grateful for gifting me with it!

Oh, and p.s. HEB Anniversary Cake Ice Cream. That rocks too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Things That Rock

The runaway best seller "The Secret" recommends the highest and fastest way to prosperity is gratitude. Having taken a course or two on the subject, most folks who know what they're talking about agree. I suppose, in addition to all the stuff I'm thankful for in heart and mind, that the ol' blog here is good for that too... and I shall call the posts, "Things That Rock." What is it Oprah does? She does her "favorite things" or some such?

Ok so let's see. I remembered at least two today.

Ok, the first is my new mascara. This new stuff is the first mascara I've liked more than the original, can't be beat "America's #1 Mascara," Maybelline Great Lash in the pink bottle with the lime green cap.

So what could be better? Maybelline of course. But... it's Maybelline "Define A Lash."

Personally, I think it's just Great Lash with a better brush. It's bouncy! The brush, I mean. LOVE this mascara.

Next, I love my Christmas present from Santa, which I use extensively even though it's not an iPod. I take any music I want "to go" using my Rhapsody To Go subscription on my Sansa.

What's even cooler are the earbuds I finally found that produce, imho, the finest sound around. Interestingly enough, I have always preferred Koss -- even as a dj in a nightclub and in radio in my youth, I preferred them over Sennhauser. Everyone else was all about Sennhauser. Nope. I love Koss! And the earbuds I purchased were only $14.99!

Gratitude doesn't have to be as deep as one might think, but, when it is, I also give thanks for my friends, my family, my animals, my profound and rich relationship with the SB and the Beast Boys...

I could go on and on and on and on... but I'm grateful for a good book and a warm bed, too.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have I Mentioned...

I think I have. But I'll mention again. I have a new website up and running.

Love And Light Images.

Call me if you wanna portrait done!

Oh, and I was sad today to hear that Suzanne Pleshette died. I was infatuated with her in my youth. Such a beautiful woman. An LA Times article says: "Her conversations -- mostly meandering monologues -- are sprinkled with aphorisms, anecdotes, salty opinions and X-rated expletives." However, she was still able to carry herself off as a class act. My kind of woman.

Wikipedia sure gets updated quickly.

She will be missed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Things That Currently Rock

I've been enjoying so many things lately. Not that I don't enjoy soooooOOooo many things all the time, but these things top the list.

Number one is the Sexy Beast. You're not allowed to enjoy the Sexy Beast as I do, but she is indeed enjoyable.

Zeta, as always, is enjoyable, even if she's wearing clothes.

Edamame. TaaaAAAAsteeee!!!!!

Juno. Go see this movie! We loved it!

And finally, Almond Stuffed Olives

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The New Hampshire Primaries

I'm just finishing up a peanut butter and honey sammich, which has always reminded me of my first girlfriend Keri Huddleston who turned me on to them some mumble something years ago. The SB is still working on her laptop mere feet away from me, and I am satisfied to say I've launched a website to promote my photography work at Love and Light Images ! So, after years of a) being not so inspired about my own work and b) not making any dough off prints because I just can't stand the administrative tedium that goes with it, I don't have to worry about either anymore. I'd have never thought to continue to pursue photography again, but Marsha of The Marshalogues encouraged me to pursue said work again. So here I am.

I set the website up last night whilst tuning in now and again to the results of the New Hampshire primaries.

Ok, so, what is Hillary Clinton supposed to be? Tough or soft? If she's tough she's unapproachable if she's soft she's incapable? A woman in this country can't win for losing the stereotypical battle that, given it's the 21st century now, shouldn't even be considered. But it is.

From my perspective here's how emotion reads on the genders in politics:

Crying = weakness
Decisive = bitchy
Moderate = Undecided

Crying = vulnerable
Decisive = Tough
Moderate = Moderate

And I realized last night, through my own glee of Hillary's win, even though I wish she had made different choices and voted different ways in the past, I still am gender biased. I take great delight in knowing I could be part of history by being alive at a time when America not only voted a woman into the office of President, but to have lived during the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton era. LOL! Oh, and the fun I could have as a reporter just calling out "President Clinton" and hearing both of them answer.

And finally, maybe, just maybe, the country could use a little mothering instead of fathering? A healing sort of energy that comes with the intimate knowledge of maternal parenting. Caring for and raising an entity that doesn't belong to you and you don't "own." Working to put it back on course when it goes off course? Making sure it's healthy for years to come? Maybe, at least from my sexist point of view, that would be good for this country.

If I think of it that way, I wonder... is Hillary Clinton not just "man enough" but "woman enough" to do the job?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Recent Headshots

If you're thinking of a portrait or headshot, let me know!

Here's a few I've done lately

This work is licensed under a
Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Random Questions

"Will alterations to the p16, p53, telomere maintenance system, and especially the oncogenic Ras pathway in metaplastic Barrett's esophagus cells result in neopastic transformation?"

"What are the acute and chronic effects of venlafaxine, an emerging aquatic contaminant, on Daphnia magna, a model aquatic invertebrate?"

"In relation to modern thinkers, can nihilism be defined as a life affirming philosophy or as cultural pessimism when juxtaposed the the Nietzchean ethic of nihilism?"

"How effective are quantum dots in their application to solar energy conversion in comparison to conventional forms of photovoltaics?"

"What are the ethical aspects of developments in neuroscience and genomics?"

"What can the study of metathesises, especially focusing on transpositions, tell us about the English language and the evolution thereof?"

If you are a genius, or a student from Westwood High School (yes high school) planning on doing an essay on these International Baccalaureate (which I spelled right the first time!) questions, please give me the answers. I included a link in each question, just for fun.

What the frickenfrack?

I'll even post the answers, if I get any.

Here's an easy one:
"Is the United States' foreign policy towards Iran's nuclear program in the 21st century misguided?"

G'Night. My brain kinda hurts.