Friday, June 20, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Into The Nightlife

Go Cyndi.

What's The Name of Your Business...

I know I just posted. But I had to share again. Every once in awhile, I like to look at available schnauzer puppies via the internet. Zeta might need a little brother, ya know? Sometime.

So, uh... I came across a breeder whose business is named:
The Poochie Patch

I'll leave you with that.

(and no kvetching about that crappy photo of Zeta. I took it with my phone, while I was driving.)

Did I say that out loud?

The Price of Gas

In my neighborhood we have those "kiosks" for our mailboxes -- you know, one central area in the neighborhood where you go to get your mail. I miss having a mailbox where I just grab the mail as I come in the house, but, we live in a newer neighborhood than all that.

Today, as I found my way home from a very productive NxNW Theatre meeting, lunch with our friend er... Mimi, which is her nickname and not her real name because she's pretty famous and she thinks the nickname Sexy Beast is amusing, even though her nickname is Mimi... anyway -- and a jaunt to Precision Camera, which to me is as exciting as a being a fifth grader at Fiesta Texas (LOVE it!) and a visit to GMan's HEB, I circled around on my way home and got my mail.

As I approached the mailboxes and swing toward them (on the wrong side of the road but politely) I noticed a HUGE, Ford Pickup approaching the mailboxes on the correct side of the road. I stopped where we'd have room for the both of us, and got my mail. As I left, the woman driving the HUGE Ford Pickup got out of her truck but then got back in -- I guess she forgot her mailbox keys.

I travel back to my house, and realize once I gather all my goodies that she's getting out of the truck in the house next door to mine. She's my neighbor.

That's ok. But here's the deal. I hope she didn't drive that big huge truck from her house to the mailboxes. It's like, 50 yards, maybe. I hope she was picking her mail up on her way home from somewhere, just like me. That truck is big, and... uh... gas is $3.97 gallon now.

She was nice, all the same.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton

I watched Hillary's speech today on CNN. When's the last time you saw such fanfare over a losing candidate? She carries much political weight, no matter what kind of polarizing she might cause.

I actually got choked up and sad a couple of times. I live in a district where Clinton won but in a precinct and county where she did not. I hope I got that right. I went to the County convention, as you might have noticed from an earlier blog, and I feel that I'm a part of history in a different way now because of it.

Still, I am deeply saddened. There's a brilliant and superbly written entry on this topic that I couldn't have worded better (or I would have) at Dorothy Surrenders.

However she may allegedly polarize the Democratic party and the Republicans, one thing is for sure as far as I can see: Obama needs Hillary Clinton. Check out the Huffington Post on this one. Sorry. I agree with Michael Fauntroy.

Maybe I'm delusional, but... I don't think it's over. And I'd say I'll miss her, but somehow, I don't think she's going anywhere.

Still. I'm sad.


Sexy Beast and I went with Beast Boy 2 and a friend to the Round Rock Express game last Tuesday night and had a great time. I scored some seats right at the home dugout. No. I mean right there. We rested our feet on the dugout.

Anyway, they do this Kiss Cam thing, and of course, it always brings up the question of whether or not I would kiss the SB if the camera fell on us for such a thing. How they figure out which same gender couples are together as gay or lesbian is always my concern. Ever pragmatic, that's me.

THEN I become concerned with the gay thing. Whaddya know, a couple of days later, I find this online.

Lesbian kiss at Seattle ballpark stirs up gay-friendly town

Oh well.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Name The Starlet

This is a great piece of video.

Go see!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Love You You're Perfect Now Change

There's nothing like getting a good shot of The Sexy Beast. Here she is helping me out at the shoot I did earlier today for Love, Perfect, Change. I love that hat. I'm not sure about the key. I think it's a premonitory symbol for the price she would pay for new tires later in the afternoon.

Anyway, I got some loverly shots of the cast of Love, Perfect, Change. And I am so grateful to my friend and mentor Brenda Ladd for the use of her studio. It was so luxurious! These are not quite complete, and need some retouching but the subjects are great!

I'd blog more about the shoot but it's very late. I'll share more tomorrow!