Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Snip and Chip II

So! I'd post a photo of the adorable little Princess Zeta Bear puppy but some things are beneath our dignity. She's a miserable li'l conehead.

Bless her furry little heart! Of course, we can't bless her furry little belly because it was shaved yesterday and it's not furry anymore. That's gotta itch. Sheesh!

I wonder: if they don't have to cut open women for a hysterectomy why are they still cutting open our li'l lady pets?

Zeta slept in the bed last night. First time ever. Might be the last. It wasn't bad at all -- just, well, when a dog even as small as the Zeta Bear stretches out and wrestles with you and your Sexy Beast for real estate that is already in high demand, it makes for a somewhat restless night.

That was NOT why we were restless last night in particular. It's just that somehow, after not even raising real human babies together (the boy beasts arrived in my life as step-beasts when they were past babydom) the SB and I managed to wake up and nurture the Zeta Bear at different times of the night -- without scheduling a shift or anything. Zeta started out curled up next to the SB's chest. Then she paid me a visit whilst I requested the SB roll over, as she was diagonally consuming too much of my vertical real estate. This in general causes the SB to exhibit a fit of Tourets. Zeta Bear then staggered across the bed to between my knees. When I turned out the light for the night I put Zeta in her condo. SB removed Zeta from her condo for a trip to the great outdoors and a return to the bed curled up next to my chest in the wee morning hours. Zeta wound up in between our heads this morning, when the SB got up.

Sweet Zeta Bear walks about the house, when she moves at all, as if she were trying to run away from her own ass and can't. Then she gives up and leans against something and rests. That is good.

It's bound to hurt. Some people don't (can you believe it!?) purchase the pain medication to give their animals after a spay or neuter. Zeta gets pain medication. It helps her a lot -- and she gets cheese and peanut butter to go with, even though they're chewable pills because... well, the SB is spoiling her!

That's ok. Zeta doesn't have to do "front, swing, place, and heel" this week.

So it will take her a little longer to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. So what.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Snip and Chip

This morning Zeta got the snip and chip. She is currently recovering nicely.

Snip and chip.

You know! Spayed and microchipped! I left the discount coupon my vet was offering at home this morning and had to schlep back and get it, too. Sexy Beast took Zeta in and will meet me later to get said coupon -- it was not easy to let the Sexy Beast go alone... I love me some Zeta Bear Puppy. But really, how much more like lesbian parents could we look if we both took her in for surgery? Really! And we parent human children!

It's extremely important to spay and neuter your beasts. Maybe you can't afford it, or don't want to pay for some snooty vet to do so? There's a great program or two here in Austin to help.

Snipped (hah!) from the Humane Society of the United States (Italics mine, duh):

Spaying or Neutering Is Good for Your Pet

  • Spaying and neutering helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.
  • Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult or expensive to treat.
  • Spaying eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer, particularly when your pet is spayed before her first estrous cycle. (I didn't even know Zeta HAD breasts! I can't even find them yet they're so small!)
  • Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate disease. (Well, if you don't HAVE testicles you can't get testicular cancer, right?)

Spaying or Neutering Is Good for You (so maybe you should get spayed or neutered...)

  • Spaying and neutering makes pets better, more affectionate companions.
  • Neutering cats makes them less likely to spray and mark territory.
  • Spaying a dog or cat eliminates her heat cycle. Estrus lasts an average of six to 12 days, often twice a year, in dogs and an average of six to seven days, three or more times a year, in cats. Females in heat can cry incessantly, show nervous behavior, and attract unwanted male animals.
  • Unsterilized animals often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems than do those who have been spayed or neutered.
  • Spaying and neutering can make pets less likely to bite.
  • Neutering makes pets less likely to roam the neighborhood, run away, or get into fights.

I shall travel at lunch to meet the Sexy Beast who has scored a connection with the manager and owner of Freda's Restaurant so we have nosh for our NxNW event on October 15. She needs Mr. Coupon for when she picks up Zeta. Freda's is a GREAT restaurant. Seems the manager SB spoke with is a theatre techie. I LOVE it when things work out that way.

Anyway, now I will be the only beast left in the house with ovaries.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Car!

I have a new car.

I wanted one.

That's why.

Not a bad birthday present.

This one looks just like it, without the spoiler.


Friday, September 08, 2006

The Prosperity Game

Ok, it might seem odd but I started this interesting exercise today to "increase my prosperity vibration." If nothing else, it's fun.

I gleaned it from Ask And It Is Given (the book, not the website) by Esther Hicks -- the whole concept has been around for at least a decade, I'm sorry I didn't discover it sooner.

Ok, so here's the Prosperity Exercise, in a nutshell.

Each day -- for a year if you wish, you are to record in a ledger of your own creation, using checks of your own creation (read: fictitious) the spending of a certain amount of money each day. On day one we start with $1000 and add $1000 each day on day 50, deposit $50,000 and on Day 100, deposit $100,000 and so on and so forth. If done over the period of a year one will accrue and spend $66 million dollars. And you MUST spend it. I get tickled just thinking about it.

This benefits one's ability to imagine. I'll let you know how well my imagination works as the days pass. Today though, I tithed, bought a Bluetooth, a gift certificate, paid the Secretary of State for the 501(c)(3) papers for the theatre and paid off some debt. Seems all of these I will do in reality anyway. My debt should be paid off, including my car, in a matter of weeks, if not days. After that, I suppose I will really have to start using my imagination.

I will donate to worthy causes, buy a new house and a boat for the Sexy Beast, purchase the Presidency, stop the War, end poverty, and promote world peace -- after I build a divine little theatre and do a few shows.

Happy Friday. Only three more shopping days left 'til my birthday. 9/11. Hmmm...