Friday, December 29, 2006


Nice question huh? So... what DO you do? :-)

I love The Pondering Pool.

This is what Susan Mrosek's website states:

The Pondering Pool is an unusual collection of note cards written, illustrated, and designed by Susan Mrosek.

I love Susan Mrosek's work.

For 2007, I shall bellow less, be grateful even more, and I have decided... I will succeed.

What will you do?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

While I Was In The Bathroom...

Ok, dog people are certainly aware of the damage a pup can do in, say, a matter of being alone for an hour. Now... what about say -- mere moments? I was in the bathroom for goodness' sake!

This is Zeta's first Christmas. She apparently thinks we bought her a seven foot toy. It certainly is a Noble Fir that would allow such abuse.

Ok, the positive side of this deal is that ZBear has taken a shine to the side of the tree that is closest to her nose, and it's more full toward the bottom than the other side, so! If she gets to it much more, the bottom will be equally bare on both sides.

I shoulda seen it coming. Nearly nine months with Zeta and she's only done minor damage, and only twice at that. I'm pleased about this, but the one thing she can't keep her molars away from is fringe -- which is, I suppose, not unlike the needles on a Noble Fir. Or, after Zeta got hold of it, a "not so" Noble Fir. At this rate, we'll have to buy a tree a week until Christmas.