Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Various and Sundry Things Part II

Ok... I Masterminded today, as I do with my Mastermind (hereto after referred to as "MM")group just about every Wednesday. (Want to start your own? A variation on the steps we use can be found here.)Today, I was inspired with a very powerful affirmation -- no wisecracks, yeah, you'll do it anyway... something like, "I will commit to my desires and take action on them." If you've got a dirty mind that's not what I mean. I've already taken action on those desires. ;-P No, I mean auditioning for a show again. Reading fiction. Staying on the computer all night if I want. Sleeping in. It really helped me to think about how goal driven I am instead of just doing things for the joy of them. (You'd think by now I'd be rich and famous if I was so goal driven, right?) Interestingly, certain things I originally did for the joy of them have now become somewhat joyless based on being goal driven about them. That is ironic. That is also painful to realize. This pissed me off. (Prepositions are good things to end sentences with. Especially if the phrase is "pissed off.")

After MM'ing, I took action on my first desire and bought a novel on which both my MM partners have heard good buzz, called, The Shack. So how much fun is a Christian novel about about a grieving father who meets God in the form of a jolly African-American woman? But my aversive to "traditional Christianity" friends recommend it. Ok. Stay tuned. Perhaps I will post a review.

I then made my way to a VERY crowded McNeil High School to enjoy a stroll down the halls picking up pens from every college recruiter this side and that of the Mason-Dixon line. While the Sexy Beast asked the hard questions like "how much is tuition" I asked, "is this gel or ballpoint?"

And here I am.

OH! D*mnit. WHAT is the deal? I was so THRILLED to purchase new bras last week. I just love this Bali brand, this Seductive Curves bra. Woo Hoo!!! IMHO, though they're quite tailored, they're super sexy on my tatas. Especially the red one. I get 'em home, and WTF? Two of the three SQUEAK. I sound like the f*cking Tin Man. "Oil me." What, I'm supposed to put WD40 on them? I Google squeaky bra and I get nothing but bloggers just like me writing about squeaky bras. No answers. No, I didn't try them on and jog around the block in them before I bought them, I've been wearing this brand for several years, and -- if you're like me and at an age when lift really counts, you know what works and you don't need to try on these things.

Imagine the sexiness of this situation. Take for instance your Sexy Beast (this has not happened to me, ok?) reaches around you in that smooth move of unhooking your bra, with one hand even. You put your arms around your Sexy Beast's neck and suddenly it sounds like you're crossing a footbridge in an Indiana Jones movie. Damn.

Oh -- to put an end to this entry I will point out that I know who gets murdered in the first episode of The L Word... lalalala....

I'm going to go read this book now... it's a desire of mine.

p.s. tickled pink Hillary has been nominated for Secretary of State...