Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

We opened last night to a sold out house, but not a sold out crowd. It was FANTASTIC nonetheless. The cast had a good time, the audience had a good time, and a standing ovation was had... and I don't see those in Austin crowds very often.

I could say the usual, this cast has worked their butts off (and they have) they have given themselves over to the project (and they have) and they are ALL strong -- all capable -- all having their very important moments (scenes in fact) on stage. They were terrific. We were at high levels in rehearsal and it just went to another one last night.

And then there was the reviewer in the front row. Writing away on a pad in an intimate venue. That's ok -- really! We LOVE getting press. It's a little awkward for the cast though. Opening night enjoyment gives way to, "What was she writing there?" "what did I do and what are her notes about this time?" I'm sure that became the focus of backstage conversation last night instead of the pure joy of getting this wonderful show in front of an audience. And who was that reviewer? We had two seats set aside for the Statesman, but they went unclaimed. What if it was an ACC student doing an assignment? And if so -- I'd like to see her paper on it! This time of year lots of ACC students are given this assignment. Oh sheesh... all that energy the cast spent wondering what was going on with the reviewer -- who may have been a student doing a homework assignment.

That's a good primary lesson in not worrying about who is in the audience and just doing your best and having a good time doing it.

Their energy was outstanding, there's not a weak link in the bunch, and I am very pleased. Let's see if the reviewer enjoyed herself too. I guarantee the review won't be as bad as this. We've "done the work" Ouch. Wow.

In the meantime, I've found time to post a blog entry, lounge around the house this morning, and enjoy some quality time with the SB. NiiiIIIIce. Come see the show!

Here's the cast a few weeks ago working on a filmed scene:


Michael said...

That reviewer wasn't me! I got there the second evening and I was the one with the obnoxious little digital camera. See
Congratulations again on ILYYPNC!

Joni McClain said...

Awesome! Thanks for the wonderful review, despite such an uneducated audience on Saturday night! That was actually an unusual house for us. However, with the kind of popularity this show seems to invoke, maybe we should get used to it? LOL.

Julie H. said...

Yeah, Austinist trod a bit more lightly on Amadeus. Barry Pieno isn't one to mind words, though.

I'm doing my best to get a reviewer out to your second week!!


Joni McClain said...

Man! I saw the Austinist review of Amadeus too -- it was kinder, tho the words "do the work" ring in both reviews.